For the Love of Primark

Anyone that knows me knows that I’ve been in love with Primark ever since we first became acquainted in London. This fast fashion store almost always has everything that I’m looking for, from nice business attire for my interviews to the latest trends (not that I’m ever fully following them- trend breaker/maker!).

Defining Your Style

If anyone knows me, they know I love wearing an outfit that makes me feel comfortable. Now, this isn’t always my sweat skirt and old t-shirts. I feel comfortable in an outfit that reflects “me,” how I’m feeling. In a sense, my outfits reflect my moods. I see fashion and style as a way to reflect “you,” whoever that is, or even how you want to be perceived.

Modest Floral Dress With Pockets

A modest dress with pockets?! YES. And I’m in LOVE. It’s pretty hard not to appreciate a dress with pockets when you wear a dress/skirt everyday and always have to either carry your phone and wallet or grab a small bag. But not with this lovely gem!  🙂  This dress is another piece from JessaKae. I…