Cait posing in a black outfit that represents her modest style.

Cait sitting on arboretum steps in black, modest, ballet-inspired outfit.

Olive green Lo-Pro Vans

*Black Dress: H&M *Ballet Skirt: Amazon *Shoes: Vans 

If anyone knows me, they know I love wearing an outfit that makes me feel comfortable. Now, this isn’t always my sweat skirt and old t-shirts. I feel comfortable in an outfit that reflects “me,” how I’m feeling. In a sense, my outfits reflect my moods. I see fashion and style as a way to reflect “you,” whoever that is, or even how you want to be perceived.

Personally, I like my outfits to reflect modesty, style and creativity. And this is definitely not including my bum days. Those are the days that people look at me with a little hesitation in their eyes as they, “Are you ok?!”  I’m always totally fine. I guess people just aren’t fond of my “I got struck by lightning” frizzy top bun with a touch of, “I haven’t showered yet today.”

The outfit I’m wearing above makes me feel comfortable. I have my olive green Lo Pro Vans (Lo Pro is my favorite style of Vans), my high neckline, a signature braid and a flowing ballerina skirt. No, literally, that’s a ballet skirt. This just goes to show that if you are confident, you can pull off anything your heart wishes. I like this outfit because it appears classy, graceful and different. Everyday I have a different style. It all goes by my mood, but I like to put my style in a bubble I named, “Gracing the Edge.” Some days my style is graceful, some days more edgy with a leather jacket and some ripped tights. But oddly enough, I’ve found that the days I feel best are the days I mix the two styles together. It makes me feel like my best self and brightens my day up when I feel unique and represented.

That’s my style. What’s yours?

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