My boyfriend is black, friends and family disagree with my interracial relationship, and I simply don’t care. Welcome to my long journey to interracial independence.

Editorial style image of me and my boyfriend's interracial relationship

This guy right here? That’s my man. He may just look like an other guy to you, but to me, he’s my smart, handsome, stylish, amazingly talented best friend. This guy can write like no other and cares more than almost anyone I know. He inspires me daily with his dedication to following his dreams, doing what he loves, and not caring what others think of him. He makes me want to be a better me.

When some people look at Dev, they only look skin deep. They see the color of his skin and judge him. Judge his looks, his personality, his entire being, just from a shade. You know, honestly, it hurts knowing how beautiful of a human being he is and how others won’t even give him the light of day due to misguided perceptions.

When I first got with Dev, friends and family alike were shaken. “You’re from Dunbar!” some claimed with a shocked look on their faces. For those of you who don’t know, Dunbar is my slightly racist hometown in rural Southwestern PA. One of my closest family members asked me, “How could you do this to me?” This was quite a painful question for I didn’t do anything and I knew that. After a couple months passed, I brought Dev home with me to visit some of the beautiful nature sights and show him where some of my fondest memories were created. Of course during this time he got to meet many of the family and friends who disagreed with our relationship. At one point we had to leave a family event because someone was making physical threats.

I have people asking me frequently how I’m able “to do something like that” to my family/friends. Let me tell you one thing. I don’t care where I’m from. A location will never define who I love nor how I perceive a person. I don’t care who I’m around. Another person’s racist agenda will never be mine. If family/friends can’t open up their hearts to accept a person for who they are, then they not only need a good talk with Jesus, but to ask themselves this question: “If I don’t care about the skin color of the person I’M with, why should you?”

On another spectrum I have friends that claim to be “proud” of me for not giving into the beliefs that my hometown society, or society in general I suppose, pushes, i.e. white with white, black with black , etc. No offense, but I don’t think that people should need to give you props for being with who you love. Support is appreciated, yes, but I can’t wait until the day that it’s seen as simply another couple in love. And to answer your question, yes, Oreo, salt and pepper, gravy and mashed potatoes jokes are acceptable (to me).   🙂 

For all of you out there, let this be a message to you. Black is Beautiful. White is Beautiful. Asian is Beautiful. The list goes on. Every race and nationality on this earth are beautiful. We are all God’s creation and it’s time to quit playing His role in judgement. Love who you love. The only opinions that matter are your own and God’s.