Modest Dress with Pockets

Close up of the front of the modest floral dress.

Showing off the fact that the dress has pockets
Photo Credit: Kimberly Casimir

A modest dress with pockets?! YES. And I’m in LOVE. It’s pretty hard not to appreciate a dress with pockets when you wear a dress/skirt everyday and always have to either carry your phone and wallet or grab a small bag. But not with this lovely gem!  🙂 

This dress is another piece from JessaKae. I got it for around $40. This is the second time putting this brand on my blog, but I really just love it that much! The dress is of great quality. It’s super soft, like super soft. I found myself touching it often throughout the day just because it’s that soft. The color is lovely and and the different colors in the floral pattern make the dress a great piece to carry season through season. Throughout the day, I got numerous compliments on it, so it’s a nice conversation starter as well. If you get the chance, I’d head on over to the site soon with the great sales JessaKae has been having! 

AND (one of my fav parts!!) this brand carries similar styles in plus size! It’s really important to me to find fashionable modest clothing for all of my sisters out there so this find made me very happy. Each dress on the site does have its own sizing, so some dresses are carried up to a 2xl while others go up to a 3xl, etc. The options are a bit limited right now as the brand is starting to clear out the winter inventory, but it’s worth a look if you can snag an awesome sale! 

For the outfit itself, I wanted to try to go a bit more laid back but still cute. I got these shoes at Ross Dress for Less for around $20 and found them to work perfectly! The clean white leather made a nice contrast with the deep maroon of the dress, making a little statement of their own.

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