Knowing your target audience and keeping track of your current audience are key elements in moving forward with your business. Every business has a different, vastly diverse audience in multiple places. I currently am representing myself as a business as I tell personal, engaging stories through my blog and advertise them via social media. Ah, social media. A strong social media presence has become almost mandatory for getting your business out there. But what posts are reaching who? How do I know my audience is enjoying my posts? Which ones do the like more? Luckily, there’s a few easy tricks to find out. The reason you want to know these things is because knowing your audience and what they like can help you gear posts towards their liking to get better responses and attention to your business. The two examples that I am going to focus on are my two favorites, Simply CompliCaited. and Instagram. 

Simply CompliCaited.

To check my analytics for Simply CompliCaited., I use Google Analytics. Google Analytics allows me to see most of my web site data for free while providing me valuable information about my audience. Some of this information includes my audience’s demographics (gender, age), interests (market segments), location, behavior (new v returning, engagement, etc,), and more. Some of my favorite information provided is the amount of traffic that comes into my site each day, week, month, etc. I was able to see that my latest blog post, “Yes, I am Dating a Black Boy. No, I Do Not Care.” reached over 1,000 views in just 2 days! Incredible. With that information, Google Analytics gathered the information from my audience to find that around 60% of those users were women with strong interests in fashion, news, shopping, and entertainment pieces. Below is an example of the Google Analytics home page for my business over the past three months. I have not had a new post since July, so you can see that large spike in traffic occur during the midst of the month and carry over into August slightly when I reshared the post again. 


My favorite social media platform to use is Instagram hands down. I love photography and the creative aspect, so it’s no wonder why it has so much popularity in my eye. To keep track of my followers, I use the Followers App. 

This app allows me to see who followed me, who unfollowed me, and who’s not following me back. The best part about this specific app- it’s free! There is an upgraded feature of this app that will show you insights, engagement, deleted comments, blocked users, and more. 

Recently I stumbled upon Simply Measured, a desktop social media free analytics provider. I just tried it out today and it works great! I signed into the site with my Instagram user information and email and it sent me a detailed report of my posts and engagement. Through this site, I was able to see that my post from July 16th was my most engaged picture since the time period of June 21st, 2017 to August 21st, 2017. This was helpful because I can try to create similar photos that also don’t have a filter or use similar hashtags as used in this photo to correlate the interests of my audience. Below are just a few samples of the useful information that this website provides. Did I mention it’s free?!