About Me

Caitlyn Leapline

Cat Mom. Wife. Apostolic Pentecostal.

Hi! I’m Cait. I’m a 25 year old Pentecostal from a small town in Pennsylvania. I love pickles, hot wings, and bonding with my 5 cats. I have an amazing husband who shares every journey with me. To put it loosely, I’m a goal-setter and a goal-getter. My ambition sometimes gets the best of me, and I have to be reminded that being busy is not a badge of honor. 


Most importantly, I love Jesus with all my heart. I let that love and His spirit guide me. Throughout life, I’ve faced many trials and tests, but also experienced blessings beyond anything I could’ve dreamed of. God is so good to me. 


I wanted to create this space to be both an outlet for my mental health as well as possible inspiration for others. If this blog could touch even one soul, it made it all worth it.

Fun Facts

Cait & Andy

Our Story

Our relationship began..

After high school, I’d run into Andrew here or there. We had mutual friends. We didn’t really grow our friendship until around June of 2019 when I woke up to a random Snapchat message that just said “How are you.” That’s it. Didn’t talk in what felt like years and he just popped into my Snap messages! We would meet up at iHop or go to our local park as friends. I had a boyfriend at the time so it was strictly friendship. 



A few months passed and that relationship didn’t work out. Andrew and I would still meet up from time to time. We bonded over our love for cats and a strong desire to play Mario Kart. Eventually Catan got thrown into the mix and we would spend hours playing. It was at some point in November of 2019 that our relationship transformed from friends to something more. We didn’t define the relationship until February of 2020. 

We first met..

Andy and I first met in Junior High. I don’t remember the exact moment, but I remember having the biggest crush on him in 8th grade. This crush may or may not have lasted until my senior year of high school *insert emoji with uncomfortable sweat bead here.*


 When I was around 13, I moved. It ended up being right down the road from Andrew. We used to ride the bus together. We were both also in the band. Funny enough we had a decent amount of classes together. One time in math class I got a cut and he told me I was supposed to put Germ-X in it. For some reason my naive self listened and wow did that hurt!


Oh! I almost forgot to mention- We went to our Freshman Farewell together! It was the first dance I ever went to with a boy. I was late for our group pictures too because I was so worried about my hair. It was the 2000s so I was using my hot sticks to curl it. 

"I can hear the bells"

I dated Andy for only 4 months when we decided to get married. What can I say? When you know you know and well, my 13 year old self knew from the beginning! 


It was June 29th of 2020 when we eloped. It was at our local magistrate’s office. To be honest, the actual ceremony was shorter than going through a McDonald’s drive-thru! We were surprised since we wrote vows for each other. It was ok though as we read them to each other that night.


After we left the magistrate’s office, we celebrated our marriage by going to hibachi. After hibachi, we stayed at a local Air BNB for a perfect night. 


Mr. and Mrs. Clements. I like the ring of that.

"Why should I marry you for anyhow?"
"So I can kiss you anytime I want."

Sweet Home Alabama