Cait’s Testimony

It was a rainy day in September of 2009 when my house burned down. I can remember it like it was yesterday. It was early in the morning when I woke up out of a deep sleep. Everything looked a little fuzzy. I often slept in my contacts, so I thought they were clouded. It wasn’t until I walked over to the top of the steps and looked down that I saw the heavy clouds of smoke. Fear consumed me and the first thing I thought about was how my window often jammed. I wasn’t sure if I could climb out of it and going down the steps didn’t seem like a great option with the clouds of smoke and all.

I quickly ran to the window and started to push. It was one of those older windows that needed unlocked and pushed to the side. By the grace of God it opened right away. I started to climb out when I realized I needed to yell for my family. You see, up until that point I was running on adrenaline. Once I realized I could get out, I tried to yell, “Fire!” It felt like the words could barely escape my lips. 

My dad and brothers were downstairs. My mom wasn’t home at that moment because she was working night shift at the local hospital. I wasn’t sure if anyone was out yet, but I knew I needed to get myself out of my window and onto the porch roof that stood below it. Once I stepped outside onto the roof, I saw my dad and brothers. Dad put his arms out to catch me. I was afraid to jump off the roof, but I hesitantly did it anyways. 

Once I was off the roof, we all walked away from the house by a couple hundred feet or so. It felt like it was no sooner that I got off the roof that I looked up and saw the flames in my room. It was a gut wrenching moment to watch your bedroom go up in flames as you stand there in you undies and white t shirt with the black and colorful stripes across it.