How I Deal With Stress

Being a college student can be very stressful. You take multiple classes and it feels like all the teachers came together and made all of your projects due on the same day. It happens. At the time, it feels like you’re never going to get through it, but you do, and then it’s onto the next big set of work. Often you get so busy with these everyday activities of life that you forget to take time for yourself, causing some unnecessary stress. Stress gets in the way of a lot-your peace of mind, daily interactions, and simply feeling like yourself. Everyone will feel stress at some point in your lives, but coming from a college student’s perspective, I think it’s safe to say that we can feel it almost daily. Life gets hectic, you get three assignments assigned for the same day, and you start to panic. It’s ok. Take a deep breath. And do what you do best to relax and destress. I can’t say what those things are for you, but these are the many things I do that really help me loosen up and clear my mind!

  1. Take a hot bath
  2. Light a candle, incense, or turn on your wax burner
  3. Fix yourself up- I’m a strong believer in look good feel good. Do your hair, wear your favorite outfit, or even do your eyebrows. Trust me, it helps.
  4. Go to church, pray, give it to God
  5. Talk to your best friends boyfriend, pastor, family, or whoever your go to is
  6. Listen to music
  7. Write
  8. Draw
  9. Play some games
  10. Take a walk

It’s extremely important sometimes to take a step back from your work to get your flow going. After all, some of the best moments are made when you take a detour.