50’s Party

Hoppin’ Into Spring We wanted to get our youth excited as we transitioned from winter into spring! We figured there was no better way to do so than to HOP into spring with a 50’s party! This event was held to create a bonding experience for the youth and give them something to look forward …

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Cait’s Testimony

It was a rainy day in September of 2009 when my house burned down. I can remember it like it was yesterday. It was early in the morning when I woke up out of a deep sleep. Everything looked a little fuzzy. I often slept in my contacts, so I thought they were clouded. It wasn’t until I walked over to the top of the steps and looked down that I saw the heavy clouds of smoke.

How I Deal With Stress

Being a college student can be very stressful. You take multiple classes and it feels like all the teachers came together and made all of your projects due on the same day. It happens. At the time, it feels like you’re never going to get through it, but you do, and then it’s onto the …

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